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From Monday 22nd February our Blended Remote Learning provision will be on Teams for the whole school.      Please see the letter from Mrs Woods explaining the transition to Teams sent out on Tuesday 2nd February.      If you require the link to download Microsoft Teams please see below:

Term 3
Week 6 – w/c 8th February 2021
Week 5 – w/c 1st February 2021
Week 4 – w/c 25th January 2021

Week 1 – w/c 4th January 2021
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Term 6 Week 8
Good Morning,   I hope you are all well.
We have reached the final week of term with school officially finishing for the summer holidays on Wednesday at 1pm.

For year 5, it has been an incredibly different and challenging time and I want to say how impressed I have been with the application and dedication of the pupils in this period that they have not been allowed to return to school. Rest assured that September will be as normal for them as possible and I hope to make their return a smooth process.

For year 6, it is the time of year that is happy and sad in equal measure. Each year, I feel incredibly privileged to spend the final year of primary school with the children and I am so happy to have been able to give the majority of them the end to the year that they deserve, full of laughter and fun.

With regard to home learning for this week, BBC Bitesize is still available for English and maths each day until the end of term on the links below. White Rose Maths has finished for the end of the year with regard to planned lessons so please utilise the BBC if you wish to do so.

All required worksheets and videos are available on the links above for English and maths.     There are also other lessons available in a a variety of subjects that the children could choose to have a look at if they are keen on a particular area.

However, as it is the final week of term, I would suggest that if you feel happy with the effort that your child has put in so far (from what I have seen this has been fantastic!), you choose some things from the list below to do with them (or set them to on their own) also or instead:
  • Climb a tree
  • Build a ramp and ride a bike over it
  • Go for a run
  • Bake something
  • Cook something they have never done before
  • Take a quiz (see the attachment)
  • Catch up with Joe Wicks live for one last time
  • Paint something
  • Draw something
  • Build something
  • Plant a seed
  • Create a game
  • Build a mud kitchen
  • Visit somewhere interesting
  • Create a game or animation on Scratch
Or anything else that you can think of!      It might be a nice idea to simply ask them what they would like to do and give them the chance to take the lead for a few days.

Also, on Wednesday (22nd July) I will be hosting a Zoom meeting for the new St Scholastica class at 10am, which all current year 5s are invited to attend to meet their new classmates. Following that, at 11am, I will host the final St Scholastica 2019/20 Zoom catch up for my current class. It would be really lovely to see all of them there for a final game of the year.

I will be in touch again this week but I do just want to say a huge thank you again for all the support the children have received at home and the kind words that I have received. It is no mean feat taking on home-schooling, so you should pat yourselves on the back and look forward to a break from school work at least. I do hope that you are able to enjoy some real holiday time with the children also at some point in the next few weeks.

Thanks again and if you would like anything further for the children this week, please let me know.   Mr Dawson


Term 6 Week 7
Weekly Planning
Italian Common Phrases
Year 5 Maths Worksheets     Year 5 Extra Maths
Year 6 Maths Worksheets    Year 6 Extra Maths

Hello,    I hope you are well.    Just to advise that although I have sent full plans for the week, I will be covering sessions on transition to secondary school throughout the next two weeks also.   I will be working through the transition resources available on this link: https://www.hachetteschools.co.uk/landing-page/hachette-schools/be-awesome-go-big-resources-for-year-6/  These lessons focus on self-esteem and confidence moving forwards.   These sessions have been recommended by Malmesbury Secondary School but are relevant to all pupils moving to any secondary setting.   They can be used at home also so if your child is not attending school, please feel free to use them at home.  Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.

Finally, we are still looking at what we are allowed to do for the children with regard to an end of year presentation of medals etc… I am hoping to have further information on this confirmed by Tuesday of this week.

Please note also that I am now going to be in school on Monday, Thursdays and Fridays with the class, which is great. Thanks  Mr Dawson

Term 6 Week 6
Weekly Planning
German School Crossword
Year 5 Maths – Translation    Year 5 Extra Maths -Reflection
Year 6 Maths – Quadrilaterals   Year 6 Extra Maths   Year 6 Alternative Maths

Term 6 Week 5
Weekly Planning
First German Conversations
Children of Henry VIII
Instruction text-make a rainbow
Year 5 Maths Sheets     Year 5 Extra Maths
Year 6 Maths Sheets  Year 6 Extra Maths Sheets
Year 6 Alternative Maths

Term 6 Week 4
Hindu beliefs of Reincarnation
Spanish Common Phrases
Year 5 Maths   Year 5 – Alternative Maths    Year 5 – Extra Maths
Year 6 Maths       Year 6 – Extra Maths

Term 6 Week 3
Weekly Planning & Links
Greensleeves Lyrics
Tudor Crimes 1
Tudor Crimes 2
Year 6 Maths   Year 6 Extra Maths
Year 5 Maths   Year 5 Extra Maths

Term 6 Week 2
Week 2  Planning & Links
Yr6 Maths Sheets    Yr6 Extra Maths Sheets
Yr5 Maths Sheets     Yr5 Extra Maths Sheets
History   History 2

Term 6 Week 1
Summer Term Week 1 – Weekly Planning
Year 5 – Maths Worksheets    Year 5 – Extra Maths Sheets
Year 6 – Maths Worksheets    Year 6 – Extra Maths Sheets
French – Months of the Year