Physical Education (PE) is a vital cog in educating all children about the vital importance of regular exercise. PE should be fun and provide rigorous activities, whilst allowing children the time and space in which to progress with new skills. Invasion games play a key part in enabling children to then showcase their new skills, whilst under the controlled pressure of a competitive environment. Competition, both against oneself, against school peers and directly against other schools, is also seen as an essential building block in helping to create a rounded individual who will be set up for life outside of academia. The ability to win or lose with pride, dignity and sportsmanship is of paramount importance to us at this school.

Every pupil is encouraged to take part in extra-curricular physical activity, which coupled with a strong healthy eating message, hopefully encourages children to consider a long-term and sustainable healthy lifestyle. All children will be given the time and activities to practice the FUNdamental skills, leading to games, both recognised as national sports and those more bespoke.

Children will be given the chance to be part of and lead teams and activities, ensuring that an inclusive atmosphere is present at all times. It is our hope that all children will be given the necessary skills, information and activities to ensure they go on to lead healthy lives and maintain a strong and happy relationship with sport when they progress to further education and adulthood.