As soon as children begin their school journey at St Joseph’s we encourage and inspire a life-long love of reading. We practise the important skills of reading individually, in small groups and with the whole class. Our reading books are arranged to align with each phase of our phonics teaching. An emphasis upon early reading enjoyment is key, enabling our youngest children to explore literature and decode through synthetic phonics teaching, which continues to build throughout their Primary education and impact positively upon their oracy and spelling knowledge. Throughout the school we are following Jane Considine’s Hooked on Books scheme, which is carried out daily in small groups allowing for group discussion and close monitoring of reading progression by the class teacher. The children are taught explicit skills to allow them to be successful readers, this allows for pupils to be taught clear strategies including inference, questioning, clarifying, summarising, and prediction and activating prior knowledge. All children are exposed to a rich and varied reading culture which helps them develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Recommended Reading Lists:-
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“I love buddy reading time!”

KS2 Reading Prompts Helpsheet for Parents