Healthy Eating Information and Guidelines

Once again we have achieved a ‘Gold’ School Games Mark, which is fantastic news. This recognises the fantastic commitment of the children to sporting endeavours including PE, clubs, tournaments and festivals. We always have a vast number or children ready to volunteer to take part in everything we enter!

In the current climate, many of these events will be limited, but we are still aiming to provide as many sporting opportunities as possible to children across the school. To complement the children’s hard work, we also have the following healthy eating guidelines to ensure the children understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.
As well as encouraging general healthy eating amongst the pupils, there are a number of allergies in school that would prevent children from eating certain foods, as well as the preference of other parents for their child not to be given snacks they have not been made aware of. As such, please see a reminder below of some of the school rules regarding healthy eating:

Break Time – Break time (morning) snacks to consist of raw fruit and vegetables only (helpfully reducing any litter or plastic packaging!). Please note that all KS1 pupils already receive a portion of raw fruit and vegetables at break time each day.

  • Lunch Time – Please avoid sweets, chocolate or unhealthy snacks in your child’s lunchbox. A list of healthier replacement snacks is available on this link –
  • On-site – Please do not bring any sweets, chocolate or unhealthy snacks to the school premises for your own or other children. This includes before school, at pick up time and at the end of after school sport clubs.
  • Off-site Sporting Festivals and Tournaments – Please do not bring chocolate, sweets or other unhealthy snacks to give to your own child or the other players.
  • Off-site School Trips – Please do not give your child unhealthy snacks such as chocolate and sweets for themselves or to share amongst other pupils. Also, the coach companies no longer allow any kind of eating on the vehicles.
  • Birthdays – Please do not send in sweets, chocolate or other unhealthy snacks for birthdays to share amongst the class. Each class teacher will recognise your child’s birthday in their own way, usually by ‘Happy Birthday!’ being sung or a card given.As a school, we take a realistic approach and are fully aware that children enjoying sweets and chocolate in moderation is a fun and nice experience for them. Therefore, given that the children will be enjoying lots of exercise and eating healthily in school, we are more than happy to provide these types of food on special occasions such as for Easter egg hunts, class cookery lessons or marshmallow cooking in Forest School, for example. You will be made aware in advance if we are planning to do so.

Healthy Eating Information & Guidelines