Chaplaincy Team

What are we trying to achieve?

“As we begin our Year of Communion we will focus on a Spirituality of Communion and how we are called and saved, not as individuals but as God’s people. We will build upon existing ways in which parishes’ collaborate with each other and will encourage the work that has already begun.” Bishop Declan

Our aim for the Chaplaincy Team is to help others understand and appreciate Christianity through the Catholic faith.  We offer each child in our school, the experience of prayer and worship through celebrations and liturgies. The Chaplaincy Team will encourage others to live out their faith by being excellent roles model by their excellent behaviour and high work ethic. We strive to develop our community where everyone is respected, welcomed and valued. By continuing fund raising for charity we will be supporting the most vulnerable and needy in our community.

As we are entering ‘The year of the Word – The God Who Speaks’, we are encouraged to remember the importance of scripture by listening to the words of St Jerome, “Ignorance of the Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”


This year, the members of the Chaplaincy Team, will be collaborating with our local parish to redesign the school garden of reflection. We will aim to develop our strong bond with the community and focus on how we are called to be God’s people by working, worshiping and celebrating together. The Chaplaincy Team plan to create ‘Footstep Award’ certificates to educate the rest of the school on how and why it is important to follow our school mission statement.

“Walking in the footsteps of Jesus, living and serving together.”

Educating the other children on the importance of the Gospel, is a key responsibility for the members of the Chaplaincy Team. This year they will be given more opportunity to plan and particulate in Gospel assemblies and collective worship. They will be particularly focusing on promoting “The Year of the Word” by introducing the official prayer of the year to Gospel assemblies and by using scripture to inspire, teach and discover God’s word.


Through the development of the new ‘Garden of Reflection’, we hope that everyone in the St Joseph’s community will have the opportunity to engage in personal prayer and in the celebration of the liturgy, so that it is a successful, welcoming and enjoyable experience for all. We hope that the promotion of the footstep award will create a sense of self-worth by celebrating positive behaviour whilst contributing to school life and by building confidence to tackle moral, social and cultural issues in the wider community.